Welcome to Dark Star. This Campaign has some significant variations on the core DnD mythology. Reviewing this wiki before making a character or playing the campaign will be a useful step in navigating my material, especially for less experienced players.

The world of Athas has a long and rich history of incredible civilizations and terrible disasters. Though the goodly races huddle together in the current dark and hazardous times, ruins and stories attest to ancient empires and mythic histories. The planes are filled with peril and mystery, with few friendly faces and fewer opportunities to achieve greatness.

Adventurers are generally heralded as heroes on Athas, though most forms of magic are distrusted and misunderstood. Many travelers are members of organizations or factions, as few cultures of this era have the resources to train or educate its citizenry. Most social mobility and opportunities to adventure are gained through faction membership and service.

Religious, Political, and Racial factions make up the bulk of Athas’s organizational and social structure. The Religious orders of the world exert a domineering influence on their subjects and territories. Most of the scattered Kingdoms on Athas have their own pantheon of gods suited to them, or specific Ideals, Primal Spirits, or Ancestors to exemplify and enshrine without revering Astral Gods. Merchant Guilds and cultural alliances operate within the various societies, along the few established trade routes in the attempt to nourish a fledgling network.

Tribal and Racial societies formed the foundation on which the newest age of recovery has begun to take place, and the traditions of these systems of thought still form the backdrop of everyday life and important decisions. Most of the societies of the Third Dawn demarcate strongly as unipolar societies with a race or hierarchy holding the clearest sway, the exception being the Balic Consortium. A confederate of merchant city-states, this group excludes only the unproductive or inattentive.

The other denizens of Athas do not regularly make their presence known beyond their native planes and the old Capitols of the world, which still serve as centers of the disparate Kingdoms beyond the mortal realm. Only the educated, adventurous, or wealthy mortals of the Prime Material Plane are given opportunities to interact with, and learn, about these peoples.

The world is poised for a new Era, though an opportunity for rebirth is not presented only to the goodly races. Rumblings from places in the world, where the Veil Between is thin and the outer planes lap against the shores of Athas, are ominous tidings from the places beyond the world istelf that have been silent for Eons.

Dark Star

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