Dark Star

A Couple of Spiffy Kyotarans

Sibling rivalry; A kobold's new tricks; Back to the Keep.

After dealing with Nineran, the party meets at Lord Padrig’s office. He introduces the party to Vizier Aka’Tsuchi, a representative of Kyotaran noble house Ishii, and his protege Kaze Ishii. Ren recognizes Kaze as her little brother. The vizier is checking in on Ren, on behalf of her Ishii family, and making sure she remains befitting to house Ishii. Guardian spirits accompany her, and she has grown in psionic wisdom since she set out from home. She mentions that she was briefly with Douvan Stahl, and the vizier seems to be satisfied that Ren is doing productive work here in Brentwood. Both the vizier and Kaze, though, are in agreement that Kaze will now accompany Ren, to finish his training and help her in hers.

After introductions, Kaze tries to speak alone with the eladrin spellcaster. He doesn’t glean much, or get very far. Meier is distant. Kaze notices that one of the party members is a drow, who he sees as a demon worshiping dark-elf abomination/monster. Kaze becomes cautious about the party, and asks his sister about the group’s activities. Kaze learns about the various threats to the area, and is momentarily satisfied with the arrangement.

The party travel back to the Keep on the Shadowfell without incident. Upon walking up to the doors, they happen upon Dag, who no one had noticed had been missing. He shows off the new fire-snake traps wrapped around his arms. Kaze is even more wary of Anzae’ar after watching the two together.

The party sneaks downstairs, and rush a dining room full of goblins. Dag uses a flashbang to stun the room, then the rest are finished off by the party’s ranged weapons and Ren’s psionic stomp attack.

Kaze becomes psionically awakened by a connection to his sister, and is able to manifest his chosen weapon as a weapon of psionic energy, at will.

After busting through an illusory wall that the party discovers, Meier turns a room full of goblins into shadows. The shadows at the edges of the room grow momentarily dark and substantial, and Meier’s staff incorporates him in a blot of ebon substance. The planar foundations of this area become weaker.

Dag happily fights his way through the waves of goblins, collecting ears as he goes.

Kaze becomes wary of a mentioned vampire girl named Lillith that may show up at sometime. Who was apparently captured by Kalerel, for use in his ritual…



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