Dark Star

Kaze, after suffering strange and mystical injuries in the conflict with the shadow priest Kallarel, struggles with the nature and consequences of having taken a curse or parasite into himself while saving Winterhaven. Using the Stones of the Shrine Maiden’s granted to him and his sister, he contacts his house vizier in an attempt to gain insights into his affliction.

Greetings, Vizier

Since joining with Ren and her party, we have had the opportunity to contain a powerful cultist of Orcus who was attempting to channel shadows deep within the remains of a keep built on top of ancient ruins of the extant Athasian Empire, apparently a powerful forerunner of this area. Part of the ritual involved a crystal of blood which seemed to be acting as a catalyst of power for the process of opening a portal. A Vampire child of Moil showed surprise and recognition once the blood crystal absorbed inside of me. It seemed to have something to do with her brother.

Whatever curse or creature that attached to me, I fear that I must overcome or escape it in order to fulfill my duties to Ren, House Ishii, Kyoturu, in this region and the future. Any information or aid that could help me overcome this dark taint would honor and help the activities of both my sister and I as we carry out the will of our people.

In the presence of Kyoturu and Oba, I stand O-Kaze Ishii



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