Dark Star

Activating the Rhunic Tower

A trip to Senkaido; A visit from Meier

The party heals and rests, and the Wights commanded by Kvirik clear the debris from the first level of the Rhunic Tower. The party investigates the door leading the staircase to the third level. Ren begins to detect magic, while Kaze and Kvirik study the door. Ren describes the whisps and tendrils of energies emanating from the doorway. Kvirik casts a dispell as the party stand back. The door looks different to Ren, but there is still a strong aura. Kaze takes out a set of tools, and opens the door. The party sees a solid black facing beyond the threshold. Kvirik reaches to put the Portal of Many Worlds across the doorway, slips, and puts his left arm through the door. He is momentarily nauseated, and knows that he narrowly avoided a death effect. Kaze, when using his Infravision, clearly makes out a distorted room beyond the door, in a blue-colored temperature, which he recognizes as the Plane of Shadow. He tells the party that the third floor is probably blocked by the Plane of Shadow. They decide to approach the situation again after more meditation. Kvirik returns to the second floor to meditate and pray while contemplating the raised platform with inscriptions. Ren returns to the scrying pool on the first floor to meditate and restore psionic strength. Kaze slips upstairs and easily steps into the third level, physically transporting to the Plane of Shadow. He investigates the extremely distorted room, in some places difficult to traverse and in others wide and open. Most of the contents of the room are pushed from the center, to make room for an array of sigiled stones in a circle at the center of the room. The stairway leading up is long and winding. Kaze climbs swiftly to the roof of the Rhunic Tower. Kaze sees a device, a strange metal contraption with discs running up and down a central shaft, composed of a strange dark shiny metal rimmed with crystal pieces. Strange shapes swing from rods extending from the discs, spinning lazily in the wind. As Kaze gets closer, he is narrowly missed by a lightning bolt from below. As it also nears the device, it powers on slightly, lighting up, spinning, humming, and releasing an aura. It turns off almost immediately. Kaze goes downstairs to the scrying pool to meditate with his pearl. He has a conversation with Aka-Tsuchi, and is given a report about the affairs of the house. Kaze shadowwalks to Senkaido, Kyoturu, right in front of the Ishii Estate. As he enters the house and strolls down the front hallway, he senses movement on the left and right. He stops, and ninjas slide out from the hidden doors all around. At the end of the hallway, Ishii-Sama O-Fuji’haro (Kaze and Ren’s younger brother) emerges from a doorway. He says that Kaze is a ninja traitor, and Kaze challenges him to a duel. The ninjas back down, and the two swordsmen fight until Kaze lifts Fuji up by the neck, and absorbs his breath. Fuji collapses, apparently dead. The ninjas slip into the shadows. Kaze brings Fuji back through the shadows to the Rhunic Tower, meeting his spawn in the section of the Plane of Shadow on the third level. In this place, Fuji’s transformation quickens. Kaze commands Fuji to wait in this room. Kaze returns downstairs and describes the device on the top of the tower to Kvirik and Ren. The two of them decide to teleport to the top from the second level atrium, while Kaze and Elena watch from outside the first floor. As they narrowly avoid too much attention from the automated stone statues that shoot lightning bolts, Kaze arranges to buy a wand from Elena’s inventory. It happens to be a Wand of Lightning, which Kaze climbs up the tower to bring to Kvirik. At first suspicious, Kvirik accepts the wand and uses it to activate the device. The device glows, and a beam shoots into the sky, reverberating out to the horizon. As the energy spreads, huge tendrils of energy burst out, and shower everything in light before the device finally turns off and the effects across the landscape slowly fade. The darkness over the threshold of the doorway leading down to the third level wavers slightly, and a voice calls out through the doorway in Kyotaran. Ren and Kaze recognize it as Fuji. Ren looks confused, and calls back. He responds by asking if she has taken care of Kaze yet. Kaze commands Fuji to come out of the third level. Kaze explains his encounter with Aka-Tsuchi and his brother, while leaving out the ninjas involvement. Ren senses this lie. Kvirik senses Fuji as an undead, and turns him in spite of Kaze’s protests. Kaze commands Fuji to resist the turn partway and return, and then Kvirik stops the effect, realizing what Kaze is. Ren begins to successfully psionically dominate Kaze, and question him. She finds out about his ninja orders to assassinate the Mayor of Fallcrest, the true story of what occured in Senkaido with Fuji, and what the shapeshifter he witnessed through the pearl. She also discovers their father’s involvement with ninja operations, including his sanctioning of Kaze’s current mission. Ren starts to question who he talked to in the Plane of Shadow while she was with Saren, and upon admitting that it was Meir, the shadow across the doorway to the third level ripples and Meir steps out.



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