Dark Star

Balgron the Fat

After interrogating the tortured goblin we decided to take care of their leader, Balgron the Fat, and use his demise to our advantage in future encounters. The goblin also gave us a rough idea of the map so we would could make educated decisions on where to continue.


Soren and Dag sneaked down a hallway. The room at the end of the hallway had tapestries hanging over two exits. Peeking around the left corner we saw two goblins playing cards. Soren shot poisoned bolts at both goblins and Dag sneak attacked one of them. We attempted to take them out quietly but the scuffle turned into a couple of rounds of combat.

We all took positions awaiting more monsters to come through the tapestries. MTS created a choke point at the south tapestry while Mier took pot shots at her victims. Soren and Dag teamed up against the goblins at the north tapestry.

Balgron decided to be a pussy and try to hide and attack from a distance. After finishing the minions Soren and Dag went around the corner to meet the leader face-to-face. After a quick scuffle Balgron was beheaded by Soren.

We found two keys on Balgron’s body but Dag had picked the lock to Balgron’s chambers before we needed one of them. We assume the other to be for a locked zombie-infested room that the tortured goblin told us about.

We also found a passphrase that we believe will help us on the next level of the keep:
“And life fails in the dark.”

The next room we new was an excavation site based on the information given to us from the tortured goblin. As we approached the site we could hear the goblins arguing about not finding any treasure here.

Encounter 2:

The party walked into the room casually, expecting this to be quick and bloodless.

Soren raises Balgron’s head and exclaims, “Your leader is dead, surrender or die.” The few goblins in the room immediately put down their pickaxes, but the two drakes attacked us. The goblins asked if we would let them live if they helped us kill the drakes. We agreed, and consequently didn’t even have to lift our own weapons.

We stripped the goblins of any of their findings. The most important was a small bust of Bahamut.

What we know about this bust:

  • Very out of place, dragons have not been active on the material plane in over 2,000 years.
  • Worship of dragons is outlawed in most of the world.
  • Bahamut has a particularly vitriolic piece of dogma concerning Orcus. All sentient dragons refer to Orcus as the Defiler. Worshipers of Bahamut will attack worshipers of Orcus on sight.

After the excavation site we decided to explore a hidden room from Balgron’s chambers. The room was a natural cave with stalactites hanging from the ceiling and stalagmites and fallen stalactites littering the floor, causing a lot of difficult terrain.

Encounter 3:

Upon entering we were immediately attacked by rats. After a couple of rounds an ochre jelly rounded the corner. It was a rather tough fight, and once we started doing noticeable damage the jelly split into another ooze. After this the fight seemed to go rather quickly.

In the middle of the room we discovered a small chamber. In it was a bedroll and miscellaneous gear. We decided this would be our best bet of camping out rather than returning to the town to rest.



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