Dark Star

Leaving the Cairn

Anzaer's freedom

The party, having come upon the frozen and wasted throne room of the Cairn, open the confrontation by threatening the Ice Scepter with Kaze’s shadow blade to negotiate with the Winter King. They shortly thereafter bear witness to a truly awe inspiring collapse of the very fabric of the Cairn and its surroundings. After being whisked back to Fallcrest, the party sets itself to its surroundings and prepares to take stock of their situation.

Kaze saw the room collapse around a page-like object, glowing in the midst of the maelstrom. He was shifted to the ruined exterior of the Cairn, a circle of melted snow perfectly around him, the unconscious bodies of the other party members, and Meier, the being who presumably teleported everyone from the collapsed Cairn. He explained to Kaze that the Kyotaran had made a major mistake in messing around with major artifacts like that, and took the ice king’s scepter. He told Kaze that the party had fallen off of its path and purpose, and needed to do what the original members of the party of Cerulean Censures had set out to do. Then, Meier teleported everyone to Fallcrest, just outside the walls of the town.



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