Dark Star

The First Room

We come upon the keep and find an entrance with stairs leading down.


Soren sent Dag in first, following shortly behind the kobold expendable. We were very quiet but a goblin saw our legs and tried to take off. Soren was able to fire a poisoned bolt to subdue the goblin. We finished sneaking into the room without catching any other attention. Soren slit the goblin’s throat and pulled it around the corner to avoid anyone else from noticing it.

The main room we were in was square, with hallways on each side, and had pillars five to ten feet from each corner with a 20×20 rug in the center.

Dag hid behind one of the pillars as Soren hid behind the wall connected to the hallway directly across from the entrance. Ishii and Mier joined the fight when two more goblins came to the hall to investigate. Soren moved to see down a side hall where he heard noise from and spotted a goblin, which he promptly blinded in one eye by means of another poisoned bolt. The bastard was able to shake off the poison after a few seconds and attempted to attack Soren from around one of the pillars, afraid to get too close to the demon who depraved him of depth perception.

The other two goblins were using the opposite end of the hall as cover while they took pop shots at the group. Dag attempted twice to notice any traps under the rug. Without caring to wait any longer Ishii decided to try to clear the rug so she could use Iujutsu on one of the goblins. Upon failure to clear she fell into the pit to be immediately swarmed by rats. Meanwhile Meir used Magic Missile to hack away at the goblins. Soren was able to catch one of the goblins with a crossbow bolt and teleport him and Ishii (out of the pit) to flank the goblin. After this we made quick work of the two goblins.



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