Dark Star

The Second Room: Torture Chamber

After contemplating on several routes to continue, we (hesitantly) looked to Dag for his suggestion, as he is versed in dungeoneering. We decided to take the hall without a known door.

The hall cornered at about 25 feet, and Dag and Soren peeked around the corner. After seeing no one they sneaked into the extending room (estimating 50′ × 40′). There was a blood trail leading from the western door to the northern door, where we could hear muffled voices coming from. Soren decided to check out the room that the bloody body had been dragged from. Upon entering the door creaked very loudly and the room to the north immediately went quiet. Soren motioned for the others to take positions (MTS and Meier took stance at the south end of the room and Dag prepared himself in the northwest corner to remain out of sight) while he checked the western room. Someone was obviously beaten or tortured here, but nothing else of interest was found.


With the others in position, Soren kicked in northern door. It was immediately obvious that this was a torture room; a hallway opened to three jail cells on the west of the room, a fire pit was at the far north, shackles lined the walls, an iron maiden was to the immediate right of the entrance, and the room was covered in blood.

A goblin warrior attempted to grab Soren (to throw him into the iron maiden) but failed and immediately shifted out of immediate reach. Dag prepared himself to attack the first enemy to exit the door. Soren took a shot with his crossbow at a hobgoblin torturer at the other end of the room, being the obviously most dangerous threat, but the monster was able to shake off the poison. Meier sent two magic missiles after the goblin that caught it in the face and chest, obviously bloodying the grunt. MTS charged at the goblin and finished it off swiftly with her katana; the goblin’s two halves fell at her feet. A brutally scarred hobgoblin torturer smeared himself with blood, which seemed to empower his armor, and took charge at MTS, missing her with the attack but managing to push her back with the bull rush. The next couple of rounds consisted of harrying the torturer with attacks, many of which slid off his empowered armor, but the party was eventually able to take him down, after MTS took ungodly amounts of damage from the brute. After the party took down the hobgoblin they quickly finished off the three goblin sharpshooters remaining in the room. Soren was able to stabilize the last one dropped for interrogation.

After Session

We still need to loot the bodies and search for treasure (keep the hobgoblin’s bad ass armor in mind), question the torture victim, a goblin named Splug, and interrogate the surviving goblin crossbowman.

Bloodcut hide armor – we need to get this fitted for Dag.


We estimate that we can finish at least one more encounter before returning to town, if not the rest of the floor, as we have yet to use any daily attack powers.

The Second Room: Torture Chamber

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