Dark Star

Recovering Lillith
getting the hell out of dodge

A Nethermancer explores ancient ruins, looking for the ancient house he was sent to find. A young girl, Lillith, awakens from her long sleep. She and her brother are told to leave their home, and to leave Moil. After meeting, the three witness ravaging of a zombie by a whirling mass of obsidian debris. Its purple glow and energy discharged remind the wizard of his studies of the far realm, and leaves him with a foreboding feeling from his hidden vantage point. After the process is complete, serrated and melted pieces of Ebony have embedded themselves in the corpse and left glowing lines of Purple energy on its skin. Shortly thereafter, the new creation makes its way in the opposite direction. After being spotted by Zombies, and run out of the edge of the metropolitan ruins, the adventurers find an old Athasian Manual. Next they will have to make their rendezvous at the Cerulean Censure, their only means to leave Moil.


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