Tag: Kaze


  • A Couple of Spiffy Kyotarans

    After dealing with Nineran, the party meets at Lord Padrig's office. He introduces the party to Vizier Aka'Tsuchi, a representative of Kyotaran noble house Ishii, and his protege Kaze Ishii. Ren recognizes Kaze as her little brother. The vizier is …

  • Outstanding Questions

    Where is Lillith? What is Lillith? What was in Moil? What happened in the destruction Moil? How did the party arrive? Where is Seren? Was he waiting on the other side? Orcus?

  • The Blood

    An apparent ability of Deathwinds to store some kind of essence or vitality for future use. Kaze has discovered how to use this ability to walk between the prime and shadow planes.