Dark Star

Behind the Waterfall

Before leaving the burial site the characters continued to talk with Douven Stahl. It was discussed that he was doing research for the Empire of Kyotaru.

We found an Athasian-made mirror. The design matched Lillith’s broach. We compared our trinkets (mirror, locket, and dragon figurine) for similarities. So far no connections, but we need to do some research at the wizard tower in Winterhaven.

From here we decided to trek directly to the waterfall.

During our initial battle at the waterfall on of the kobolds we were battling screamed “Irontooth must be warned!” and attempted to run to the cave, presumable to tell Irontooth directly of our presence. Nago was able to stop and kill the kobold before any warning was given.

We drew a second group of kobolds out by having Meier use prestigiditation and mimic a cry for help. We ambushed and slaughtered this group by taking advantage of a ritual zone the previous group had used, granting us attack bonuses.



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