Dark Star

Crazy Dreams and a Half-Elf Bitch

Mountains rested in the background, a blue moon and bright stars hanging in the night sky. A lone figure stands in the emptiness. The figure brandished a serrated two-bladed greatsword, was armored in melted black wrought-iron armor with plates fused together, a tattered cloak whipping different directions in the wind behind him, and a helm fixed from a blackened reptilian skull crowned his head.

Then the figure spoke. “You must save her.”

After these words a colossal dragon came up over the mountain ridge. It had breath of black and gray clouds, its body was almost entirely obscured with the shadowy aura emanating from it, and it scales were black with a lavender sheen.

And then we woke up. And we all had the same dream.

After we all awoke we noticed that the door to the secret room we had stayed in was cracked. Mier noticed a shadow coming from one of the crates to seem off, so he attempted to use his shadow magic to mess with it. And out jumped Nago.

The cat explained that Lillith had been discovered and was currently being held hostage by Kalarel. Kalarel seemed to be having problems opening the gate to the Shadowfell, and had sent Nineran back to Winterhaven on a mission.

We decided to track Nineran down and save the town. If Kalarel is having problems we have time.

We approach the town and Padrig and his guard are guarding the gate. Without time to deal with much we ask if he had seen Nineran and explained that she is behind the problems the town has been having. “That bitch!” Padrig seemed unhappy about this.

Somehow we knew to go to the cemetery.


The fence surrounding it was ten feet high. We decided to circle it and look for any weaknesses. We found one on the right wall. Looking through we could see two hounds guarding a tomb and a ritual circle. We decided to use this spot to enter the cemetery so Mier could get closer to the aura. Soren and Dag enter first. Dag takes two arrows to the chest and is almost dead already. Soren is able to determine that Nineran is using a building for cover from the direction of fire.

There is a horde of skeletons in the graveyard who are now all focused on us. Dag is hidden from all of them but they know the rest of us are there. Over the next few rounds the skeletons loose arrows in our direction but have little luck finding targets. Nineran gets hit by Mier’s magic missiles and decideds to take cover further aways. Soren is able to catch her with a couple of poisoned bolts, but she is able to shake off the effects. After Mier finishes with the ritual the skeletons drop and we are able to make quick work of Nineran.

On Nineran’s body we find a note from Kalarel explaining how to create the ritual circle, with direct instructions on killing the party. He also left another passphrase: “From the ground some magic was found.”



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