Dark Star

Irontooth's Lair


We used the waterfall to our advantage and planned our assault against the enemies inside the cave. Lillith snuck into the cave, leaving Soren Anza’er with a heavy cloak to cover his drow crossbow. Using drow darkvision Soren was able to make out most creatures in the cave, and we were able to plan the rest of the surprise attack with this knowledge. Soren shot a hobgoblin with his crossbow, causing immediate problems to the hobgoblin with drow poison. Ishii then immediately charged in toward the hobgoblin, but changed direction when she spotted Irontooth (who we previously presumed to be a goblin), a brutish hobgoblin with an iron tooth in place of one of his teeth. Within two rounds Ishii took out Irontooth, attacking first with Iujutsu and finishing him with a barrage of other telekenetic martial attacks, destroying the morale of the other two hobgoblins and the kobolds. The two hobgoblins gutted themselves and the kobolds surrendered. One offered his allegiance to us, which we have decided to accept for now.

After the commotion we have three kobold prisoners (reluctant to drop weapons and refuse to leave) who we will take back to Winterhaven; the townspeople can decide their fate. We picked up a kobold Rogue, named Dag. We also found two slave girls who we will also return to the town.

We found a note on Irontooth’s body:

The gnome skulk has been successful. All of the artifacts except for the mirror have been recovered and the excavation of the lower keep have been completed. My agent in Winterhaven will bring you your payment shortly. Hail to Orcus."
- Signed Kalarel

Upon mention of the agent Ishii had an epiphany of the elf Soren was speaking with at the tavern in Winterhaven. Her name is Ninaran.

The cave is full of equipment that can be used to equip the town guard as well. We will return to Winterhaven with the news of Irontooth’s death, a few kobold prisoners, and the slaves that were being trafficked.


  • There’s a band of slavers in the area looking for our party (we’re doing some right!).
  • Hobgoblin slavers are operating (rather organized) in the Nentir Vale.
  • Dag – Level 2 Kobold Rogue
  • Find Ninaran and/or make Padrig aware of her treachery.



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