Dark Star

Let's Split Up

After regrouping at the dretch circle following the events at the septarch’s tower the party decides to split up and cover more ground. Kaze and Mordir head to take care of a hostage situation while Ren and Kvirik hang back to further investigate the ritual circle.
The Ritual Circle incorporates mangled limbs and an embedded ring of spears. There are gemstones arranged in the circle. The whole pattern belies heavy math or modeling. While Kvirik studies within the circle Ren is attacked by orcs from the other side of the encampment. Then awakes an orc witch, who is maddeningly drunk and accompanied by two burly naked male orcs wielding sundering weapons. The witch attempts to control the other orcs, and one is able to shake off the effect. The drunken madwoman dashes toward the one that shook the effect after Kvirik stuck her with an arrow. Ren is engaged by the nudists when Kvirik drops a stone call spell. As he casts he notices a fist-sized emerald pop up from the ritual circle. Instead of casting as expected, the spell turns into a slab of rock that bisects the surrounding trees at 20 feet high and crashes to the ground in splinters that multiplies the damage done to the orcs. The witch is able to avoid some damage but Kvirik finishes her with a scorching ray spell, while taking note to step out of the circle when casting. Kvirik threatens the standing sexual predator and the creature guts himself. The one remaining alive, who was able to shake the witch’s mind control, is apprehended and interrogated. Jiibus the Orc gave the location of the blood orc camp and explained that the blood orcs are relatively few in number and refuses to give away normal orc camps. After some discussion he is convinced to help scout the camp and continue with the party for now.
After further study, Kvirik discovers that the skin-bound tome found on the witch is the Manual of the Gatekeeper of Moil.



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