Dark Star

Run Them Out

Kvirik and the Kyotarans discuss the status of Fallcrest and options to move forward after Naerumar heads towards the manor. Kvirik explains that the entire southern quay has been ransacked and occupied, with villagers heads on pikes surrounding the area. Three half-orcs seem to be the leaders. Among them are a black-skin-robed commander, a warpriest and a female spellcaster.

As Kvirik recalls an entire half day that has passed since the incursion, the black-robed figure rises from the distance, chanting a summoning spell and crying of foul baddiness. As he finishes the summons a nabasu demon emerges from the gate. Kvirik recognizes this as the first demon to reach the prime material in over 2000 years, and this specific nabassu was born here, at the gate.

Upon the emergence of the demonic nebulous cloud, Kvirik draws his Oathbow and swears to kill the vile summoner. The bow cries, “Death to those that have wronged me!” as an arrow escapes the bow. The magus moves forward as the arrow flies and looses another. The first arrow meets it’s destination in the half-orcs back, and as he screams in agony and reaches for the protruding ailment, the second missile pierces the back of his skull and flies neatly out between his eyes. A panicked uproar booms from the lower quay as the dead summoner topples over the steep cliff.

The nabassu aims for a group of civilians when turning the corner of the last building along the alley which opens near the waterfall and oversees the lower quays. Letting loose vile energies form its eyes, the huddled peoples alight in grey fire, falling in agont to spasm. As a few of the bodies surge back to life, the demon flies over the lower quay before he vanishes. The characters recognize this as a bad omen. The demon has gone back to fully mature.

When the demon disappears Kvirik sprints toward the lower quay with the siblings following close behind. As he approaches the hill he sees masses of orcs filing out of the south and east gates, but is distracted by a group of ghouls, apparently a parting gift left by the nabasu.

After a minute of distraction from the ghouls some of the orcs have had time to leave the city in pursuit of their two remaining leaders riding away through th esouth and east gates. The party has scared the orcs out of Fallcrest.

Now what?

Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
Potion of Greater Magic Fang
Heavy repeating crossbow
Summoner’s spellbook

Kvirik reads a very evil aura from the spellbook. It is bound in some type of skin. He refuses to touch it directly.



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