Dark Star

Starting Investigations

F**king Kobolds!

Met a half-elf at the tavern who is looking for the same man we are, her mentor, who is himself investigating the dragon burial site.

Met with Padrig, the town mayor:

  • The Keep outside of Winterhaven is called Keegan’s Hold, and is of great importance to the town. We will be investigating the keep after eradicating some of the other problems in the area.
  • The keep, as far as we know, is overrun by goblins. It is also referenced as the Keep on the Shadowfell.
  • Irontooth is the name of the goblin leader sending raids against the town of Winterhaven.


  • More kobolds!
  • Left one surviving kobold to interrogate:
    • Irontooth – goblin leading raids against town. Kobold survivor said Irontooth does this because he “gets paid, gets food, and gets to live.” We don’t yet know who gives orders to Irontooth.
    • Dragon burial site – “Some kobolds and a gnome were sent to the burial site.”
    • Captured slaves – the raids are abducting people from the town, probably using them as slaves.
  • Found a necklace on one of the kobold carcasses. Obsidian figurine in the shape of a dragon. Symbol of Orcus has been etched into the bottom of the figurine.

At this point we have decided to trek back to the town. Our resources were depleted from the encounter and would be unwise to investigate the burial site, or anything else for that matter, without rest.



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