Dark Star

The Welcoming Party

aka Orcs

The party finds themselves within eyeshot of Fallcrest’s north gate. Kaze describes that he sees a dozen guards posted along the top wall of the gate, half wielding polearms, the other half wielding bows with flame-tipped arrows. Anza’er and Kaze sneak closer toward cover, and arrows begin to pelt the areas they move through. Kaze reaches a copse of trees as Anza’er hits the ground for a ditch. Upon landing the drow receives three arrows to the back, one puncturing his neck. In a desperate attempt to speak his truename, Anza’er collapses out of existence.

The siblings, with some effort, are able to dispatch the orcs. Once inside the gate they find Naerumar, the tiefling shopkeeper, tied up alongside the Tyrmander that fell from the Winter King’s ship. Upon realization of Anza’er’s death the shopkeeper explains to the party they can take whatever they like from his shop, but to avoid behind the counter or risk death.

Naerumar leaves and Kvirik the Tyrmander is left with the Kyotaran siblings to decide the next path.

Fallcrest is occupied.



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