Dark Star

Through the Censure

A wrong turn somewhere, perhaps...

Characters reached the Cerulian Censure

  • Met up with Soren Anza’er, a drow skald sent ahead by Seren Tilzar to find the group.
  • Stream of aberrant goo blocked the path to the Censure. Upon examination it was confirmed that this was out of place in Moil.
  • Meier activated the censure after a short battle with an aberrant golem.
  • Two more golems appeared but the characters were able to enter the Censure.
  • Seren stayed behind to fend off the other golems, but one of the golems emitted a blast that got caught in the Censure during teleportation. The characters woke up on the material plane in the middle of the night. They could see the town of Winterhaven in the distance. The characters decide to make the trek before resting.

Kobold Attack

  • Group of kobolds attacked the party.
  • Left one alive, upon interrogation gave up the name of it’s leader, Irontooth.


  • Characters disguised themselves as necessary (nobody likes drow or vampires).
  • There is a keep outside of town that is actually larger than the town. Rumor tells of goblins occupying the keep.
  • Rumors tell of a dragon’s lair close to the area. The characters have had the location identified on their map.
  • Characters were advised to speak with the mayor about the kobold attacks.
  • Mage tower in the city is ancient Athasian architecture, older than the town itself.
  • Town mage may have identified Lillith as a vampire. He may speak with the town priestess about this.


Don’t forget to mention the other quests, there should be a total of three. (the keep, the Dragon Burial ground, and the lair behind the waterfall)

Through the Censure

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