Dark Star

Recovering Lillith
getting the hell out of dodge

A Nethermancer explores ancient ruins, looking for the ancient house he was sent to find. A young girl, Lillith, awakens from her long sleep. She and her brother are told to leave their home, and to leave Moil. After meeting, the three witness ravaging of a zombie by a whirling mass of obsidian debris. Its purple glow and energy discharged remind the wizard of his studies of the far realm, and leaves him with a foreboding feeling from his hidden vantage point. After the process is complete, serrated and melted pieces of Ebony have embedded themselves in the corpse and left glowing lines of Purple energy on its skin. Shortly thereafter, the new creation makes its way in the opposite direction. After being spotted by Zombies, and run out of the edge of the metropolitan ruins, the adventurers find an old Athasian Manual. Next they will have to make their rendezvous at the Cerulean Censure, their only means to leave Moil.

Through the Censure
A wrong turn somewhere, perhaps...

Characters reached the Cerulian Censure

  • Met up with Soren Anza’er, a drow skald sent ahead by Seren Tilzar to find the group.
  • Stream of aberrant goo blocked the path to the Censure. Upon examination it was confirmed that this was out of place in Moil.
  • Meier activated the censure after a short battle with an aberrant golem.
  • Two more golems appeared but the characters were able to enter the Censure.
  • Seren stayed behind to fend off the other golems, but one of the golems emitted a blast that got caught in the Censure during teleportation. The characters woke up on the material plane in the middle of the night. They could see the town of Winterhaven in the distance. The characters decide to make the trek before resting.

Kobold Attack

  • Group of kobolds attacked the party.
  • Left one alive, upon interrogation gave up the name of it’s leader, Irontooth.


  • Characters disguised themselves as necessary (nobody likes drow or vampires).
  • There is a keep outside of town that is actually larger than the town. Rumor tells of goblins occupying the keep.
  • Rumors tell of a dragon’s lair close to the area. The characters have had the location identified on their map.
  • Characters were advised to speak with the mayor about the kobold attacks.
  • Mage tower in the city is ancient Athasian architecture, older than the town itself.
  • Town mage may have identified Lillith as a vampire. He may speak with the town priestess about this.
Starting Investigations
F**king Kobolds!

Met a half-elf at the tavern who is looking for the same man we are, her mentor, who is himself investigating the dragon burial site.

Met with Padrig, the town mayor:

  • The Keep outside of Winterhaven is called Keegan’s Hold, and is of great importance to the town. We will be investigating the keep after eradicating some of the other problems in the area.
  • The keep, as far as we know, is overrun by goblins. It is also referenced as the Keep on the Shadowfell.
  • Irontooth is the name of the goblin leader sending raids against the town of Winterhaven.


  • More kobolds!
  • Left one surviving kobold to interrogate:
    • Irontooth – goblin leading raids against town. Kobold survivor said Irontooth does this because he “gets paid, gets food, and gets to live.” We don’t yet know who gives orders to Irontooth.
    • Dragon burial site – “Some kobolds and a gnome were sent to the burial site.”
    • Captured slaves – the raids are abducting people from the town, probably using them as slaves.
  • Found a necklace on one of the kobold carcasses. Obsidian figurine in the shape of a dragon. Symbol of Orcus has been etched into the bottom of the figurine.

At this point we have decided to trek back to the town. Our resources were depleted from the encounter and would be unwise to investigate the burial site, or anything else for that matter, without rest.

Dragon Burial Site

Upon entering the giant crater that was the burial site, we came upon a group that had apparently discovered what they were looking for. This group consisted of a gnome, who seemed to be running things, an apparition which seemed to be overlooking the site, and guard drakes and human slaves.

Upon Ishii’s destruction of the apparition the gnome screamed, " Kalerel, I have failed you!"

After the encounter we found Douven Stahl, Ishii’s mentor, tied up. We discovered an amulet with a picture of Douven’s wife on the gnome. Upon questioning, Douven allowed us to keep the amulet and explained that he was ambushed and questioned by the gnome and his party.

Also on the gnome we found a silvered mirror, the item they had been searching for at the site.


  • Amulet: +1 Fortitude, Reflex, and Will; Resist 5 poison.
  • Mirror: Has been used as a foci for some sort of planar sealing rituals; belonged to a noble who resided at the Keep on the Shadowfell.
  • Look into Kalerel, ask around Winterhaven, especially the priestess and wizard.
  • Research silvered mirror and dragon figurine, look for any connections between these objects and the town or burial site, and on other quests.
Behind the Waterfall

Before leaving the burial site the characters continued to talk with Douven Stahl. It was discussed that he was doing research for the Empire of Kyotaru.

We found an Athasian-made mirror. The design matched Lillith’s broach. We compared our trinkets (mirror, locket, and dragon figurine) for similarities. So far no connections, but we need to do some research at the wizard tower in Winterhaven.

From here we decided to trek directly to the waterfall.

During our initial battle at the waterfall on of the kobolds we were battling screamed “Irontooth must be warned!” and attempted to run to the cave, presumable to tell Irontooth directly of our presence. Nago was able to stop and kill the kobold before any warning was given.

We drew a second group of kobolds out by having Meier use prestigiditation and mimic a cry for help. We ambushed and slaughtered this group by taking advantage of a ritual zone the previous group had used, granting us attack bonuses.

Irontooth's Lair


We used the waterfall to our advantage and planned our assault against the enemies inside the cave. Lillith snuck into the cave, leaving Soren Anza’er with a heavy cloak to cover his drow crossbow. Using drow darkvision Soren was able to make out most creatures in the cave, and we were able to plan the rest of the surprise attack with this knowledge. Soren shot a hobgoblin with his crossbow, causing immediate problems to the hobgoblin with drow poison. Ishii then immediately charged in toward the hobgoblin, but changed direction when she spotted Irontooth (who we previously presumed to be a goblin), a brutish hobgoblin with an iron tooth in place of one of his teeth. Within two rounds Ishii took out Irontooth, attacking first with Iujutsu and finishing him with a barrage of other telekenetic martial attacks, destroying the morale of the other two hobgoblins and the kobolds. The two hobgoblins gutted themselves and the kobolds surrendered. One offered his allegiance to us, which we have decided to accept for now.

After the commotion we have three kobold prisoners (reluctant to drop weapons and refuse to leave) who we will take back to Winterhaven; the townspeople can decide their fate. We picked up a kobold Rogue, named Dag. We also found two slave girls who we will also return to the town.

We found a note on Irontooth’s body:

The gnome skulk has been successful. All of the artifacts except for the mirror have been recovered and the excavation of the lower keep have been completed. My agent in Winterhaven will bring you your payment shortly. Hail to Orcus."
- Signed Kalarel

Upon mention of the agent Ishii had an epiphany of the elf Soren was speaking with at the tavern in Winterhaven. Her name is Ninaran.

The cave is full of equipment that can be used to equip the town guard as well. We will return to Winterhaven with the news of Irontooth’s death, a few kobold prisoners, and the slaves that were being trafficked.


  • There’s a band of slavers in the area looking for our party (we’re doing some right!).
  • Hobgoblin slavers are operating (rather organized) in the Nentir Vale.
  • Dag – Level 2 Kobold Rogue
  • Find Ninaran and/or make Padrig aware of her treachery.
On the Way Back

Before we left Irontooth’s lair we found some dwarven chainmail. Upon investigation we decide that the armor, along with the mirror previously found, are out of place on the Prime Material.


We came upon a camp of kobolds. Soren intimidated the group into lowering their weapons by showing Irontooth’s tooth and announcing their leader’s death. A wyrmpriest then exited a tent to speak for the group, who had a dragon figurine like the one we found previously, also with a symbol of Orcus etched into it. Four of the kobolds took flight and Soren immediately Faerie Fired the wyrmpriest and failed an attempt to subdue the shaman with a poisoned crossbow bolt. The wyrmpriest slit it’s own throat in attempt to avoid interrogation, but Soren was able to stabilize him. None of the kobolds were able to escape.

Upon interrogation of the wyrmpriest we discovered that they were Irontooth’s personal guard and were dispatched to take us out.

The wyrmpriest died of shock or blood loss after a short time.

Back in Town

We spoke with Padrig about everything that happened. We were rewarded for eliminating the threat of Irontooth and his kobolds. We also made Padrig aware of the supplies left at Irontooth’s cave, enough to arm the town sufficiently.

Upon further conversation with the mayor we learn that the townspeople have been having traumatizing nightmares and waking up outside town walls. 13 people in three days have been affected, and Valthrun and Ellian were the first to report these visions.

March to the Keep

During our trek to the keep we happened upon a group of halflings, little annoying cannibalistic bastards. After a short fight we took care of all of them. A tree and a couple halfings were set on fire, and at some point throughout this encounter Ishii adopted the title Mighty Tree Slayer.

We interrogated one of the halflings but got nothing interesting out of him. We left him there to be shamed before his god. None of the halflings escaped.

The First Room

We come upon the keep and find an entrance with stairs leading down.


Soren sent Dag in first, following shortly behind the kobold expendable. We were very quiet but a goblin saw our legs and tried to take off. Soren was able to fire a poisoned bolt to subdue the goblin. We finished sneaking into the room without catching any other attention. Soren slit the goblin’s throat and pulled it around the corner to avoid anyone else from noticing it.

The main room we were in was square, with hallways on each side, and had pillars five to ten feet from each corner with a 20×20 rug in the center.

Dag hid behind one of the pillars as Soren hid behind the wall connected to the hallway directly across from the entrance. Ishii and Mier joined the fight when two more goblins came to the hall to investigate. Soren moved to see down a side hall where he heard noise from and spotted a goblin, which he promptly blinded in one eye by means of another poisoned bolt. The bastard was able to shake off the poison after a few seconds and attempted to attack Soren from around one of the pillars, afraid to get too close to the demon who depraved him of depth perception.

The other two goblins were using the opposite end of the hall as cover while they took pop shots at the group. Dag attempted twice to notice any traps under the rug. Without caring to wait any longer Ishii decided to try to clear the rug so she could use Iujutsu on one of the goblins. Upon failure to clear she fell into the pit to be immediately swarmed by rats. Meanwhile Meir used Magic Missile to hack away at the goblins. Soren was able to catch one of the goblins with a crossbow bolt and teleport him and Ishii (out of the pit) to flank the goblin. After this we made quick work of the two goblins.

The Second Room: Torture Chamber

After contemplating on several routes to continue, we (hesitantly) looked to Dag for his suggestion, as he is versed in dungeoneering. We decided to take the hall without a known door.

The hall cornered at about 25 feet, and Dag and Soren peeked around the corner. After seeing no one they sneaked into the extending room (estimating 50′ × 40′). There was a blood trail leading from the western door to the northern door, where we could hear muffled voices coming from. Soren decided to check out the room that the bloody body had been dragged from. Upon entering the door creaked very loudly and the room to the north immediately went quiet. Soren motioned for the others to take positions (MTS and Meier took stance at the south end of the room and Dag prepared himself in the northwest corner to remain out of sight) while he checked the western room. Someone was obviously beaten or tortured here, but nothing else of interest was found.


With the others in position, Soren kicked in northern door. It was immediately obvious that this was a torture room; a hallway opened to three jail cells on the west of the room, a fire pit was at the far north, shackles lined the walls, an iron maiden was to the immediate right of the entrance, and the room was covered in blood.

A goblin warrior attempted to grab Soren (to throw him into the iron maiden) but failed and immediately shifted out of immediate reach. Dag prepared himself to attack the first enemy to exit the door. Soren took a shot with his crossbow at a hobgoblin torturer at the other end of the room, being the obviously most dangerous threat, but the monster was able to shake off the poison. Meier sent two magic missiles after the goblin that caught it in the face and chest, obviously bloodying the grunt. MTS charged at the goblin and finished it off swiftly with her katana; the goblin’s two halves fell at her feet. A brutally scarred hobgoblin torturer smeared himself with blood, which seemed to empower his armor, and took charge at MTS, missing her with the attack but managing to push her back with the bull rush. The next couple of rounds consisted of harrying the torturer with attacks, many of which slid off his empowered armor, but the party was eventually able to take him down, after MTS took ungodly amounts of damage from the brute. After the party took down the hobgoblin they quickly finished off the three goblin sharpshooters remaining in the room. Soren was able to stabilize the last one dropped for interrogation.

After Session

We still need to loot the bodies and search for treasure (keep the hobgoblin’s bad ass armor in mind), question the torture victim, a goblin named Splug, and interrogate the surviving goblin crossbowman.

Bloodcut hide armor – we need to get this fitted for Dag.


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