History of the World

The first age of Athas was called the Second Dawn, and it followed the Dawn Wars between the Gods and the Primordials. It saw the rise of the plane-spanning Athasian Empire and the development of all the forms of power. Scholars debate the length of the Second Dawn itself, but most agree that the Athasian Empire ruled for at least two millenia.

However, the Athasians were not happy with their place in the world and challenged the Greater Powers- The Fey Courts, The Draconic Cabal, The Dread Lords, and the Gods themselves- in their expansion and conquest of the planes after discovering a mysterious source of power. The most recent pieces of relics from the Second Dawn civilizations are technical manuals and literary denouncements of the order of the world, and the rule of the powers that be.

No one has been able to determine who brought down the Empire, but the destruction was swift and universal. There was a planar event that marked the fall of the Empire and the opening of the Third Dawn, a Planar Shift. The destruction of the Empire decimated Athas. In the years that followed, the survivors were ravaged by demonic incursions, wanton savagery, and undead blights.

Civilization finally began to move forward, inch by inch recovering the lands of their forefathers. The goodly races of the world huddle together in City-States to protect them from whats left of Athas, but settlements and territories have begun to emerge in the more stable areas of the world. Kyoturu, the Mercantile Unions, and the Divine Emirates are the largest civilizations on Athas in the current age.

History of the World

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